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Apa Itu Theology, Perkembangan dan Jenis-Jenisnya

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Some Great Theologians in History of Christianity

Some Great Theologians in History of Christianity – Christianity started thousands of years ago. During these long years, there are many events that make Christianity and Church can flourish until now. …

Some Great Theologians in History of Christianity

Some Great Theologians in History of Christianity – Christianity started thousands of years ago. During these long years, there are many events that make Christianity and Church can flourish until now. Of course, these cannot be separated from the existence of great theologians in the past. They are important figures who build foundation and affect how Church can develop until now. Even, some theologians had to defend their faith against heretics in the past. At that time, there were limited dogmas and teachings about faith in God. Thus, many people were misled to wrong understanding and these great theologians were the ones who dealt with those heretics. As the new generation in Christianity, of course it is important to know them and what they have done in the past that could make Church develop for thousands of years. These are some important theologians in the past.

One of them is Martin Luther. He is important figure that really changed the Church. At that time, Martin Luther was a priest in Catholic Church. He was a theologian and priest who also served as lecturer. However, he got known when he nailed the 95 Theses. These were his arguments to criticize the Catholic Church. At that time, many priests and even bishops abuse their authority. These create corruption and this was the Dark Age in Christianity. Luther was aware of the situation and he tried to bring reformation. However, he was excommunicated by Church because he was seen as someone who denies the Church and authority of Pope at that time. Because of that, Luther decided to leave the Church and he led the reformation that later was known as Protestantism. In the end, Church acknowledged those wrong doings. These changes the Christianity and the whole Catholic Church until what can be seen until now. Of course, Luther no longer becomes heretics anymore and his works and arguments were recognized by Church and led to huge changes to the betterment.

Next important figure is Thomas Aquinas. He was one of the most important theologians in the Christianity. He was smart theologian and he was immersed in faith. He then wrote Summa Theologica that becomes one of the most important books related to the faith in God even until now. In his book, Thomas Aquinas explained theology and answered many things related to faith. Many aspects are discussed in the book. With his book and his teaching, he becomes one of the most prominent figures in the history of Church and he is also canonized as saint.

A thousand year before Thomas Aquinas and Martin Luther, there is Augustine of Hippo. He was one of the first theologians in Christianity. His theology was known to discuss and explain about relationship between soul and body union. There are also some philosophical ideas that he explained in his life. In this case, theories in original sins become his most notable contribution to the Church. He already had his own understanding and reflection regarding the original sins and how God provides salvation to those sinners. This becomes something that even still contextual until now.

Some Great Theologians in History of Christianity


Athanasius of Alexandria becomes next great theologians in history of Christianity. If Augustine of Hippo has his own theological explanation about original sins, Athanasius had his own theological theories regarding trinity. This topic becomes one of the biggest mysteries and core belief in Christianity. He proposed Trinitarianism. During his life, he was one of the theologians who defended the church. He stood against Arianism that became threats for the Church at that time. Then, Athanasius was also the one who contribute in the canonization of 27 books in New Testament.

Carl Barth may become one of the prominent modern theologians in Christianity. He faced liberalism during his life and he emphasized the God’s transcendence. Most people and Christian in his already forgot about this because of the wave of liberalism. He also stated that God is the main agent of salvation so it is not human that plays the important roles in salvation. Even, he also talks about significance of Bible as the witness regarding the words of God presented by Jesus. He was significant figures to stand against the liberalism at that time.

Of course, there are other theologians in Christianity. These are only some of them and these are also only brief information about them and their works for the Christianity. In this case, Christians should be aware about them and even learn more about what they have discussed in the past. Although theology keeps developing, these cannot be separated from their roles and theories. Christians also need to learn theology to deepen and strengthen their faith. Through theology, Christians can be more faithful and they can also love God deeper and stronger. The theories and stories about these great theologians are great references to learn more about theologies. They are prominent figures that even some of them are saints now. .

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