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Importance of Learning Theology for Christians

Importance of Learning Theology for ChristiansIn history of Christianity, theologians have important roles. They are the figures that laid foundations for the current Christianity. The belief and faith in Christ were translated and explained into better understanding so the theologies can really support the faith and belief of Christians. In the past, there were also heretics who tried to shake the faith of Christians, and theologians were the ones who defend the faith in Christ and defend the Church by rebutting them so Christianity can last for thousands of years until now. Thus, for the current Christians in all over the worlds, it is important to know those prominent figures that have laid foundations on Christianity and faith in Christ for the next generations of faithful people.

In this case, Christians should not just follow what they believe or what the priests preach in Eucharist. Deepening, strengthening, and sharpening the faith is essential and thus, it is necessary to learn theology. There are many books and videos for these and there are also reasons by Christians should learn theology. However before going further the reasons, it is important to know about theology. In general, theology is form of study to know and understand who God is and the description of God and how God reveals His majestic works in the world. Theology discuss many aspects about God and the goal is to gain better understanding about God and even try to get deeper in the understanding of his mystery.

As for the first reason to learn theology, it is to deepen and strengthen the knowledge and understanding of God. In the Gospel, Jesus asks his disciples to love God with all the heart and with all the soul and mind. Of course, all Christians love God. However, it will be deeper and much better when they know God and his works in the world. It will be impossible to love someone without knowing them. This also works in faith. You cannot love and believe in Him wholeheartedly when you even do not know whom you should love. Theology will help you and all Christian to have deeper understanding about God so it will also be more possible to love God with all soul, heart, and mind.

Importance of Learning Theology for Christians

Then, learning theology can deepen and strengthen the faith. As you know, being Christian is not always easy. You need more than just praying and worshipping God, but you also need to defend your faith. Nowadays, there may not be heretics as what were the great theologians in Christianity faced in the past. However, it does not mean that the roads are smooth. There are challenges and crises that occur in the world that may weaken your faith. By learning theology, you can have understanding to defend the faith so you will not be swayed by the waves that will corrupt and weaken your faith. This is something important to live as Christian in modern world.

Learning theology also becomes good way to learn other disciplines. As you learn theologies and figures of theologians, you will also read and learn history of Christianity in the past. Then, you will also learn philosophy. These two disciplines are necessary to support the theologies that you are learning. Thus, as you learn it, you will also learn the other disciplines to get better understanding. You can know the history of church and Christianity, even including the dark history of the past and how Church solved the problems and bring reconciliation to the issues. From philosophy, you can learn how to think logically so you can have better critical way of thinking.

As you have learned theology, you will have deeper understanding. When it happens, you will be aware that humans have many limitations and it is not easy to understand God and even understand what He has done for humans and the whole word. This will make you aware that you are so tiny before the God and God is almighty that cannot be compared to anything. He is the so divine. When you have been aware of it, surely you will have better faith and stronger belief. Then, you can worship God better. You will not only just say words as you pray, but you really worship and talk to God because you are aware that God is almighty and He can do all things. You will know that nothing is impossible for God and His majestic might.

To learn theology, it is not necessary for you to go to college or university. It is not necessary unless you really want to dedicate your life in it. You can learn many books and even you can read books of famous theologians such as Thomas Aquinas and Augustine of Hippo. These are enough for you to know better about theology and it will not be hard to get those books and other sources of information.

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