Systematic Theology Study Helps:
    Systematic Theology: 101

Here are a few introductory insights into what Systematic Theology is generally all about.

Please note that this introduction is intentionally presented from an Evangelical perspective. Although we realize that this perspective may not represent the convictions of some of our visitors, we strongly believe that this introduction provides a very accurate insight into the types, scope and general characteristics of systematic theology.

Table of Contents

1. The Nature of Theology
2. Areas of Systematic Theology
3. The Necessity of Systematic Theology


1. Introduction
2. The Bible as Revelation
      Types of Revelation
            General Revelation
            Special Revelation
3. The Inspiration of the Bible
4. The Authority of the Bible
5. The Canonicity of the Bible
6. The Illumination of the Bible
7. The Doctrine of Animation

Theology Proper

The Definition and Existence of God
Anti-Theistic Arguments
The Essence/Nature of God
The Attributes of God
The Unity and Trinity of God
The Decree of God
The Works of God


The Material Part of Man/Woman (Body)
The Non-Material Part of Man/Woman
The Basic Composition of Man/Woman
The Fall of Man/Woman
The Imputation of Adam/Eve's First Sin
The Guilt and Penalty of Sin


Preexistence and Deity of the Son
The Preincarnate Appearances and Ministry of the Son
The Revelation of Christ in Types and Prophecies
Prophecies about Christ in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament)
The Early Life of Jesus
The Public Ministry of Jesus
The Sufferings and Death of Jesus
The Resurrection of Jesus
The Ascension and Present Ministry of Jesus
The Return and Reign of Jesus


The Possibility and Need for Salvation
God's Provision for Salvation
The Person and Work of Christ
The Call and Message of Salvation
The Preparatory Work of the Holy Spirit for Salvation
The Condition/Requirement for Salvation
The Content of Past Salvation
The Content of Present Salvation
The Content of Future Salvation

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