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Theology Website Newsletter January 2009

Change You Can Believe In!

Greetings from the frozen tundra of Chicago! No doubt you've heard that Change is in the air with the new president and the new year. Change also describes what has taken place at TheologyWebsite and Quodlibet Journal over the last few months. We wanted to take a moment and share with you a few examples:

Quodlibet Journal 2.0

Quodlibet Journal We've rebuilt Quodlibet from the ground up, incorporating the latest technology and new content areas. The site redesign features reviews of new theology-related books and videos, biographies of people you should know, RSS Feeds and of course, great new articles. We encourage you to stop by and check it out. And for those of you with academic papers in hand, please note we plan on resuming our Call for Papers in late February. dotted break

New TheoWeb Discussion Forum

The Discussion Forum at Theology Website has also Theology Discussion Forum been completely revamped. We're now running the latest community software from PHPBB. Visit us and join in on some interesting online discussions. Our forum has long been known for its amicable environment regardless of the topic. Feel free to throw your own opinions into the fray or simply stop and read about something you may not have thought of. dotted break

We're Looking for A Few Good Writers

Do you like to write? Do you know a little something about theology or have a favorite theologian or philosopher? If so, you may be who we're looking for. Theology Website is currently accepting written pieces from people like you to publish on our site. In particular we are looking for pieces on introductory theological topics, biographies of key thinkers in theology and religious philosophy, and various aspects of church history. If anything there catches your eye, send us a sample piece or let us know you're interested. For more info on this invitations you can visit our Submission FAQ. dotted break new pres spacer

Should God Quit Smoking?

Scott David Foutz reviews the new book The God Who Smokes: Scandalous meditations on faith by Timothy Stoner and puts the author's feet to the flames, so to speak. Read the review and find out why this book left Scott fuming.

Martin Luther Says:
Have Lotsa Sex!

As Valentine's Day approaches we thought we'd find out what a reformation era theologian thinks about sex. Martin Luther divulges his insights on the matter and comes out in favor of "sexual freedom"! Woo Hoo!
Learn more at Quodlibet.

Add Your Own Jot and Tittle to the Bible!

Time is running out to catch the Bible Across America Tour sponsored by Zondervan in preparation for their new and upcoming NIV edition. The tour bus is making stops throughout America and is inviting visitors to pen a verse in what will become a wholly hand-written edition of the Bible. The tour wraps up February 12. To see where they're now and whether they are headed your way, visit the Bible Across America site.

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